Imagine tryharding hard af getting 2 times to platin promos and losing them and then this

Game 1 In-Game HopeStartsWithU: DAMN the last tick got me HopeStartsWithU: i was watching a video HopeStartsWithU: and forgot about the game HopeStartsWithU: now im too behind lmao HopeStartsWithU: well now its too late HopeStartsWithU: he has ult now HopeStartsWithU: our noc is afk farming HopeStartsWithU: rip HopeStartsWithU: top isnt pushed HopeStartsWithU: thats the point you idiot HopeStartsWithU: you should have come before he hit 6 HopeStartsWithU: not when he hits 6 AND gets his flash back HopeStartsWithU: now its waay too late HopeStartsWithU: i was afk HopeStartsWithU: you degenerate HopeStartsWithU: just surrender and report me all you want lmao HopeStartsWithU: we got shit with this jungler HopeStartsWithU: toplane was free for the last 4 minutes HopeStartsWithU: even jarvan wants to gank HopeStartsWithU: we could have won that if our jungler wouldnt refuse to gank mid and top HopeStartsWithU: yeeeeeah doesnt gank once flames me and then its my fault HopeStartsWithU: literally NOTHING is easier than to gank an irelia top HopeStartsWithU: instead HopeStartsWithU: you rant and cry like a kid HopeStartsWithU: dont talk sense to him HopeStartsWithU: or at least dont try to HopeStartsWithU: you will waste your time because asking for ganks is like insulting his mother HopeStartsWithU: you are still invited to gank top nocturne HopeStartsWithU: what video? HopeStartsWithU: im not watching anything you dumb fuck HopeStartsWithU: i already told you it was at the beginning of the game HopeStartsWithU: just take top im done HopeStartsWithU: well i cant defend without help HopeStartsWithU: nocturne how old are you HopeStartsWithU: lmao HopeStartsWithU: you know talking shit in all chat will make them report only you? HopeStartsWithU: this shit wouldnt have happened if our jungler wouldnt be such a stubborn asshole but w/e HopeStartsWithU: i thought you muted me mate HopeStartsWithU: just mute me and stfu HopeStartsWithU: thanks HopeStartsWithU: nobody is talking in all chat except you lmao HopeStartsWithU: gg Post-Game HopeStartsWithU: i swear to god only retarded dumb fucks in promos literally HopeStartsWithU: literally getting the most retarded junglers in promos Game 2 In-Game HopeStartsWithU: my guy if you are an at least "average" zed then you shouldnt be afraid of a liss HopeStartsWithU: "no escape" HopeStartsWithU: use your lantern right HopeStartsWithU: use your spellshields well HopeStartsWithU: lmao true then HopeStartsWithU: 1 minute guys HopeStartsWithU: no lissandra HopeStartsWithU: all the fault is your fault because i pinged your stupid ass to care about twitchs lvl 2 gank HopeStartsWithU: but you fucking idiot ignored and died like the winner of the darwin award HopeStartsWithU: fuck this minion block lmao HopeStartsWithU: imagine your mates being braindead against an adc and the only one who can stuff is you and then the minions block your ass HopeStartsWithU: damn i thought you ulted the blue RIP HopeStartsWithU: yeah fucked up HopeStartsWithU: yes it is over HopeStartsWithU: meh as long as it works HopeStartsWithU: im sure as fuck that this lissandra presses no in surrender votes HopeStartsWithU: du hurensohn bist premade mit der fotze neben dir und hast die lane verloren wovon redest du überhaupt HopeStartsWithU: they flame her for being incapable of warding the brushes HopeStartsWithU: was heißt hier mach mal deine augen auf??? HopeStartsWithU: ihr spielt sivir und thresh HopeStartsWithU: und ihr seid einfach unfähig die lane safe zu spielen HopeStartsWithU: genau so wie die lissandra HopeStartsWithU: wer von einem twitch nichts anderes als early ganks erwartet hat einen hirnschaden HopeStartsWithU: weil die einfach geboostet wurde HopeStartsWithU: gg Post-Game HopeStartsWithU: deutlich besser als deine sohnemann HopeStartsWithU: aaaaach "deshalb flame ich nie" HopeStartsWithU: aber trotzdem flamen HopeStartsWithU: JA MOIIN HopeStartsWithU: scheinst nicht nur dumm HopeStartsWithU: sondern bist es auch HopeStartsWithU: sagte die richtige HAHAHAH HopeStartsWithU: so wie du spielst bleibst nicht lange platin jungchen HopeStartsWithU: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Game 3 In-Game HopeStartsWithU: leggo HopeStartsWithU: damn didnt expect that all in xD HopeStartsWithU: gj lee HopeStartsWithU: kinda obvious ez HopeStartsWithU: we wont win this if we dont group HopeStartsWithU: so either press yes or group because otherwise its the same as open HopeStartsWithU: what i expected was the same jungle presence as the gragas HopeStartsWithU: but that never works out in promos HopeStartsWithU: why are you guys SO afraid of fighting a 4vs2? HopeStartsWithU: press yes HopeStartsWithU: and move on ffs HopeStartsWithU: imagine playing sona and ezreal bot getting ganks by your jungler and STILL suck on lane i cant believe this shit Post-Game HopeStartsWithU: gg HopeStartsWithU: and utter boosted botlane HopeStartsWithU: now guess why i fed on top? HopeStartsWithU: the lanes arent isolated my friend LMAO I GOT 10-GAMES CHAT RESTRICTED. Totally deserved yes, but it's kinda funny since I lost those promos too. (RIP Rewards)
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