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I am Silver Five, not like I am good or anything, but Bronze Logic Exists here too. So last game I had a Zed mid. I was Yorick Jungle(Do hate me, try it on PBE right now, then whine about how badGood it is.). Right after I take gromp, there he is pinging for a gank. I tell him "After I take blue". He went in anyway, against his laner(Jhin). Fight ends. About 20ish seconds later, I ping that I am ganking(from the over ide of the river). I go in, do Yorick things, deal 1/2 of jhin's HP. Zed walks up to Jhin, autos a few times, qs. Jhin has roughly 180HP. Jhin Flashes, I also flash, I E(Lifesteal Ghoul), W(Slowing Ghoul). Zed does not W(to gap close), or Ignite the entire time. Jhin gets First Blood on me. 5minutes pass o telling me to gank mid "KEPP GANKINg MIDD" I gank again and a similar thing happens again. On average I go roughly 4/3/9 as Yorick Jungle. That game I went 0/6/4...0/3/0 from ganking for Zed. 0/3/4 as a result of a fed . ME BEING A GOOD TEAMMATE TO THIS LOST ME THE GAME. Simply I was too far behind to play a better than weakest link because I was trying to help out this . No one on our team actually got fed, meanwhile Their (Jungle), was 0/0/2 from my ganks mid. A series of events involving me and the mid lane goes like this: 1vme, 2vme, 2vme. All three times Jhin left with less than 100 HP. The phrase we laugh at so much, Bronze Logic ruined my game. Here I am trying to be a helpful person, Ganking a to help make sure he has some kills I get slapped in the face. So I am supposed to climb up out of S5, when things like this happen. In bronze all sorts of weird things happen, but you mean to tell me that the one game that the other team does not have a 25/0 or or or or or or THIS SHIT HAPPENS? This makes me think, I wonder why a particular person might have wanted to quit league...Was it possibly because of the number of Idiots, ^cough^ teemos, Excuse me Bronze mains, ugh why is this so hard to say, Beggers, OK, one last try, People who indirectly ask for you to kill yourself in game until the other team is fed, wait I got it, people who tell you to do things that make sense to do Provided that the help you do it don't help you do those things? The thing I want added to the report list is people who ask you to greif their games. This Zed asked me to do actions that without looking at the chat/ping log would honestly appear to be greifing. Going in on an enemy that is up on levels, and dying 3 times in a row. Anyone else think that if your own actions look like griefing if you take away the chat, where you are doing something someone else asked you to do, that the person who was asking you to do those things(Begging for ganks), but then don't help you when you do what they asked should be reported?
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