dont you love the kind of people that have no logic at all?

so you dont pick a tanky champ top... you dont die once. meanwhile mid is feeding yasuo like crazy they say its top fault for not picking a tank you ask them "so if i was a tank, you would not have died 13 times in under 16minutes vs a yasuo in 1v1?" and the answer is "stfu you are a troll and you get a ban for playing quinn top" meanwhile the sup asks you to not chat so much cause all you said so far was "gl hf" and "lags" and they say its distracting them. so you tell them that you mute them (you actually dont) and they keep on chatting to you even tho you totally ignore them. and every time they die "omg top laner distracting me again". how? by ignoring you? i really wonder how these people dont forget to breath. in their logic their mom doesnt tell them every 5 seconds to breath. so they should actually die from not breathing rant end ty.
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