Nothing feels worse than getting punished for raging at a griefer/inter

I understand we shouldn't be mean to players who are having a bad game. I'm not talking about those players. I'm talking about the players that get a kick out of ruining games for the entire team. I've been chat restricted multiple times for getting angry at someone who is LITERALLY inting (0-14, etc) or trying to steal (last hit) a jungle camp from me. We need a better system for banning toxic people that includes context. CONTEXT MATTERS. If someone is inting and your team wont /ff, you are forced to play a 40 minute losing game unless you want to be punished for being AFK. Being trolled for 40 min feels terrible and people with short tempers will end up reacting. I am all for actual toxic players being banned, but people reacting to trolls/inters should be punished less severely.
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