I'll just paste my ticket here, as there was a note I should post on boards. I'd rather this had more attention anyways. > I want you to know about a guy I had in my game just a few moments ago. I also reported him, but everyone left lobby really fast, I wasn't confided he'd get banned so I'm here. > Situation is this. After him dying on solo invade lvl 2, he decided to target me as the cause and started griefing. Came mid and started taking my waves with smite and everything and spamming emote after. He did it throughout the whole game, whenever I was near he always took everything I had in reach, using smite, flash, everything needed. > Luckily I had my up [Moderator Edit] > Timestamps of some of the game-ruining acts: 2:50 - him dying, 4:20- first wave, 6:07- comes for another, 7:18- another one, 9:42- bm,11:08, 13:07, 13:40-flashes, I could go on and on, just watch the rest. > We still almost won that game thanks to our botlane, but after we didn't close, I run out of damage due to being very underfarmed (guess who's fault). > I don't want to ever see this player and don't want anyone else to have to play with him. > Regards, > Your Playerbase.
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