If you win a game with a stomp, don't rub it in and trash talk the other team

Just had a game where we lost; horribly. No one on our team was toxic, we all said gg and that was it. Then, their jungler started bashing us and saying how bad we were, that only good players should stick around. Funny enough, looking at their match history on OP.GG ... they only played 2 games this Season. Obviously a smurf, so it's kind of pathetic really. Do people need to boost their egos that hard, where they'll put people down over a video game? I play League to escape from reality, to enjoy myself before I have to work 40+ hours in my busy schedule and then I get people like this. Makes League not worth visiting, I mean sure you can mute them in game but you can't mute in lobby. So please, even if you win with a stomp, don't rub it in .... it's just pathetic.
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