Reported by 4 flaming teammates got me a Permaban

"Game 1 ItsANoob: will prob camp mid ItsANoob: i have a bad feeling trundle will take over this game ItsANoob: i trust my boi <3 ItsANoob: he is d2 tho, so please care ItsANoob: WE LOVE YOU SUSAN ItsANoob: ty ItsANoob: use Q ItsANoob: once ItsANoob: elo diff just too big, w/e man ItsANoob: legit no point in trying to exlpain, whatever lol ItsANoob: muted ItsANoob: trading autoattacks with azir ItsANoob: liss blue ItsANoob: lets get top ItsANoob: nasus bait ItsANoob: we get him ItsANoob: please stop flaming and respect the summoner code ItsANoob: ? ItsANoob: liss blue ItsANoob: LISS BLUE ItsANoob: wtf? ItsANoob: what did i do wrong? ItsANoob: stop bullying me please ItsANoob: ok ItsANoob: toxic ItsANoob: wtf lagged ItsANoob: top tower ItsANoob: janna/liss/nasus legit flaming me for having a bad game ItsANoob: they are even calling me "retarded/autistic/kill yourself" ItsANoob: please report ItsANoob: def bot ItsANoob: nasus get top tower please ItsANoob: and now kog flaming too ItsANoob: nasus needed help ItsANoob: i cant help 3 lanes at once ItsANoob: not trolling ItsANoob: you guys are getting reported for this ItsANoob: nasus losing too hard, gotta help top ItsANoob: i didnt ItsANoob: def bot ItsANoob: please ItsANoob: gj nasus ItsANoob: stop dying, just def ItsANoob: wp ItsANoob: no point in trying to explain ItsANoob: keep flaming me ItsANoob: keep bullying ItsANoob: take out your frustartion on me ItsANoob: i dont care much ItsANoob: say no ItsANoob: we can win ItsANoob: nasus buy mr please ItsANoob: gold5 46% winrate ItsANoob: plat5 50% wr ItsANoob: i didnt troll ItsANoob: and i didnt int" So i was playing as jungle Sejuani in flex-queue, I was having a bad game and some connection issues (lag spikes) and played poorly throughout the game, my top and mid started flaming me and calling me "retarded/kys" over and over, I tried to contain my anger and focus on the game, our botlane kept getting roamed on and started flaming me, I was literally getting flamed by 4 people while already having a bad game which made me so tilted, nevertheless I tried keeping my cool and didn't respond to their flame in chat as you can see from my chat log. I am pretty sure this is an automatic ban for receiving 4 reports in one game, I would really appreciate it if a rioter would manually check the game and further investigate. I can't deny I was toxic before, but ever since my 2week ban I've been totally reformed, you can check all of my previous games, and I assure you my attitude was positive.

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