Why do I even bother with this game anymore

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(Repost because I forgot to blur out a name) This game is getting so toxic now oh my lord. I get into ranked queue and my first lobby is this. I'm already sitting at -3LP and these guys literally drive me to dodging 2 seconds before we get into game. Bottom Lane (pink) bans my Akali pick (unfortunately I can't verify that but there must be lobby logs or something) and picks Brand botlane. Yes I called him r%%%%%ed, yes it didn't help or diffuse the situation at all but there really is no excuse for banning someone's pick and it was just an angry reaction. Jungle then picks Twisted Fate jungle and literally says "I troll now too, have fun". After that someone said something along the lines of "I run it down mid", which again I can't verify, but it happened, it's just I clipped this image too early. Like actually why are people like this allowed to get off scot-free, why is there no easy way to report these kind of people (support tickets are not "easy" easy), and why should I lose LP and risk being demoted because people act like this? I would rather lose dodge LP than lose 15-25LP for losing an almost guaranteed lost match.
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