I truly believe I was wrongfully banned. Please tell me what you think.

Edit: I would love to get a public Riot response to add some legitimacy to my thread. I just got permanently banned after one game. It's been a month since my two week ban and I have only played one other game in that time (premade with voice, no toxicity, and limited chat). I believe I was not toxic at all this game. Below is my complete, unedited reform card, and at the end of this post is some background info and Riot Support's response. I'm going to interject my own commentary in **Bold** to give some context to the state of the game. I am only providing reasoning behind my communications, I don't wish to justify any perceived negativity. Game 1 **I died to Graves/Yasuo mid, and my Ahri (who was already mad over no voice and didn't help) got mad and spam pinged me.** --GodCarry: :) --GodCarry: going to play my normal play style now --GodCarry: no flame pls glhf **I died mid lane again, same circumstances and outcome, and Graves took my entire top side jungle.** --GodCarry: rly? --GodCarry: ok --GodCarry: not rly sure how to win now glhjf --GodCarry: idk jsut died to ur lane twice --GodCarry: annoying but its fin **Team is harassing me for not using voice, and for looking for a team without wanting to use voice.** --GodCarry: comms wont matter **I was diamond over a year ago, but I needed to say something to make myself feel better while I'm being harassed and playing poorly.** --GodCarry: cuz imd iamond 1 --GodCarry: mute dlal **My support (the leader of the group) is continuing to question why he should play with someone without comms instead of any random player.** --GodCarry: cuz no one will try as hard as me to win. thatsg why glkhf --GodCarry: dont flame me. --GodCarry: i didnt flame you **Ahri is spam pinging me and AFKing in lane, clearly beyond tilted, so I unmuted to speak to him and try to explain what happened.** --GodCarry: unmuted --GodCarry: speak to me --GodCarry: i was annoyed by dying to ur lane --GodCarry: didnt blame or flame --GodCarry: dont be sensiive **I was killed at 30% HP by only enemy Camille's E.** --GodCarry: nice E dmg --GodCarry: take it **Camille begins to harass me for my above comment to her.** --GodCarry: i am useless after the 0/2 --GodCarry: ? --GodCarry: youre lucky your mid got a free lead. --GodCarry: lol --GodCarry: second time ive ever been this behind on kayn... --GodCarry: thank god crits getting nerfed <3 **Now half the players in the game are harassing me in all chat and team chat...** --GodCarry: nice flame all. --GodCarry: it is **I was still confident we could win despite me being like 1/8, so I tried to reassure my team.** --GodCarry: theyre goijng to get smashed --GodCarry: i feel bad. **Our support says it's a red flag that I don't want to use voice in game.** --GodCarry: do i? --GodCarry: how do? --GodCarry: distracting. --GodCarry: dont see how its a red alert? --GodCarry: idk --GodCarry: look up iiiigravesiiii --GodCarry: then look up --GodCarry: rnk1 --GodCarry: and then --GodCarry: realize **The support is still harassing me, the team is still spam pinging me, and the game is still becoming increasingly toxic. The group leader created this toxic game by turning everyone against me for not using Discord voice. I hope no one reading this believes calling a bully a moron is bannable. I'm not harassing this person, I'm standing up for myself.** --GodCarry: youre a moron --GodCarry: for trash talking someone --GodCarry: for wanting to focus on the game --GodCarry: and for having a bad game --GodCarry: youre just toxic,. --GodCarry: muted again! **This msg was in team chat. I told my team to enjoy the free win, because despite me dying so many times, I still knew I could make an impact and possibly carry the game.** --GodCarry: enjoy the free win :) --GodCarry: solid burst comp! --GodCarry: lol **At this point I popped my first surrender vote and said "gg wp all" after we lost a fight. I still thought we could win, but I was kind of hoping my team might vote yes so I could get out of the toxic game. The flame still hasn't stopped.** --GodCarry: Gg wp all --GodCarry: honestly had u not flamed me --GodCarry: i prolly woulda played a bit better **Funny how pre-game, the leader support was telling me about how they couldn't keep people in their premade for very long. I wonder why...** --GodCarry: these 4 wonder why they cant keep a random in their premade --GodCarry: yikes --GodCarry: never been flamed so hard ov er 0/2 **Enemy Camille says I've been flaming.** --GodCarry: im not --GodCarry: havent one time --GodCarry: you delusional? --GodCarry: chat is not flame. --GodCarry: XD --GodCarry: klmao --GodCarry: yikes --GodCarry: toxic game unfun **Camille says they aren't being toxic towards me....** --GodCarry: ill ask riot. --GodCarry: good try! --GodCarry: flaming didnt make me play any better --GodCarry: :) **Still confused as to why I'm being harassed in chat for looking for a serious team without voice. I spent a good amount of time writing my LF Team post, it wasn't a joke to me.** --GodCarry: gl finding someone who sticks around --GodCarry: when you berate them --GodCarry: i didnt write up that post for memes --GodCarry: clearly you think i did., **We finally won a fight, as a team, and we all played it well.** --GodCarry: told u we win --GodCarry: We are better players. --GodCarry: with bad earlyu gham,e./ **I had to make a cheeky comment at everyone in the game for the harassment they were spewing all game. I was kind of hyped after we won despite being so far behind.** --GodCarry: nice flame btw. **Response from Riot Support** (03:51:51 AM) SupportAgent: Sadly, you engaged in negativity with players in your game that were flaming, and called them out for their behavior (03:52:18 AM) SupportAgent: generally when we engage with those that are being negative (IE calling them out for being negative, or calling them morons) we are furthering the negativity in our games (03:52:30 AM) SupportAgent: this does sadly break our terms of use, and the penalty is justified :( This rule is so loose and subject to opinion, I wouldn't be surprised if they used it to justify 100% of disputed bans. For the most part, I don't believe I engaged in negativity, however one single message out of frustration could be construed as an insult. **Background Info** I played one normal game yesterday with a very friendly premade. The game went well and no one would have reported me. Today, I played a ranked flex game with a premade I found through my "LF Serious Flex Group" post. I specifically said in my post "No mic." and I made sure that the group leader had read my post and felt I was a good fit for their group. He didn't see that I didn't want to use comms in game. So we queue up, get into champ select, and I tell them I'm going to leave voice until the game is over. They became extremely frustrated before I disconnected from Discord. Once we got into game, my teammates were clearly tilted, spam pinging me to gank and spam pinging me the instant I died. After this is when I sent my first message in the game. They began flaming me in chat, questioning why I wouldn't use voice and questioning why I queued with a team in the first place. At this point, the game felt so toxic I didn't even want to be there. I ended the game with equal damage to my two carries. It felt good to know I wasn't completely carried by my team. I ended with a poor KDA, but I played the best I could at all points in the game and managed to contribute a fair amount to my team's success. I also realize muting all may have been the best option for team success and for my own mental health, but muting all and ignoring harassment is never a requirement. I preferred to defend myself and I feel I did so in an okay way. In my opinion, I wasn't toxic this game. I wouldn't have spent all this time disputing my reform card if I didn't truly believe that. Please tell me what you think!
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