hahah so im playing on an alt account

Just want to make it clear from the start this is NOT the account im talking about so please dont look at my match history and say i have no recent games first game ever played on this alt account and i got my first chat restriction. no context wast taken out of the game, and because i got mad at a 1/17/2 lux who asked me what she should build, then builds HP armor, attack damage, and lifesteal for "map control" then afked in the jungle saying "GROUP" while everyone else was grouped, and then got killed on her own after team lost. but since hes a troll and he did that to get a negative reaction for reports i got a fucking chat restriction for it. nice priorities riot. the guys blatantly ruining your game get a pass while the guys they antagonize get restricted. before any of you say you have to show a pattern of toxic to get restricted, NO. this was the first game on my account. i think this is REALLY fucked up, and too much power has gone to the trolls. shit on reddit and 4chan i see posters brag about trolling people to get them banned based off chat. they laugh about it all time. because they know how you take no context into account and just ban based on words said. Riot is more worried about censorship and making sure mean words aren't said over people BLATANTLY RUINING A GAME TO GET THOSE REACTIONS.
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