Whats going on with ADC players?

Did you guys all quit or something? Cause the people Im getting as ADCs for the last week I struggle to believe are actual adc players. They only come in 2 variations- they are either forever aggressive and it comes down to luck if they manage to get fed or just straight int cause they have no awareness and dont respond to warning pings or they are passive little munchkins trying to farm for 20 minutes into the game with barely 3k dmg cause they dont touch the enemy, taking trades for free etc. I havent won a game off bot in like 2 weeks, as a supp it feels like theres nothing I can do except try to keep them alive and support the jungle/mid as much as I can and hope they can carry. Again, this isnt normal for me, we all had our fair share of bad players in any role, but this is just getting insane, they just either run at the enemy and push endlessly even tho i have 3 wards following the jungle coming for a gank, or they just farm and do no dmg, like they are waiting to get 6 items to fight. This didnt happen regularly before. Anyone else experiencing this? Whats going on?
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