Riot, why?

Okay let me just address the elephant in the room: Riots banning system isn't justified Just imagine this: Your on a team everybody is flaming and inting playing ranked What riot suggest you do: Mute them and try to win What happens: You say "you guys suck" but still try to win --> 14 day bann without warning if they decide to report you You receive notification saying you have been banned without warning or being banned/muted before and only see your chatlog of what you have said. It doesn't even have to be a swear word just something negative even if its the truth. Riot has made system which banns you without considering the circumstances. Don't get me wrong alot of people deserve banns etc. but there are many good players who carry games but still want to voice their opinion. Riot doesn't put in the effort necessary which is needed for it to be fair really, all they say is mute, carry on and report after. I think part of a solution would be Riot making a warning system for people telling them that they are close to getting banned showing chatlogs on both sides at least also acknowledging that you didn't start flaming/harrasing people but responded in a way which they do not appreciate. (basically they teach you to be a snitch instead of a man voicing your opinion tbh.) Cheers
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