If Tyler1

So, if I'm understand this correctly the summoner known as "Tyler01" got Unbanned after receiving a permaban. Now I know this wont apply to every person, but I think it's just because he got enough publicity and became a meme. This wouldn't happen for every player who gets "Perma" Banned. I forgot when my account got permabanned but I believe it was back in February of this year. I'm just an unknown gold 5 player I don't stream I don't make youtube videos or anything like that But if Tyler can manage to prove he has 'Reformed' how would the average person be able to prove it? I understand I can just make a new account and during pre-season I might, I hadn't until now just because I wanted to take a break I wanted to cooldown and find a way to reform. I believe I have, but I have no way to prove it. I understand that a reformed player would be on thin ice either way, but if Tyler can do it, I want to be able to try and do it. Please Riot I know this probably wont get attention but how can I prove it.
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