How often do you guys encounter toxicity in your games?

Poll attached, definition below: Toxicity as in: * Name-calling * Slurs * Trolling (Playing bad is not trolling, off-meta picks is not trolling, unintentional feeding is not trolling, bad decisions is not trolling! Intentional griefing= Trolling - For example purposely throwing the game) * Ranting * Spam Just out of curiosity, because recently I feel like there has not been a single game (in the last ~50 games), where someone didn't act toxic, towards me or other players and I wanted to know if I am just having an unlucky streak or if toxicity is abnormally high atm. Are you perhaps super low rank or really high rank? How is it in Diamond+ or under Diamond? Did you have different experiences on different Servers? I only have experience with EUW and EUNE and feel like EUW, despite what people usually say (bashing French people for example seems to be very trendy on EUW) is a lot less toxic overall. (I'm not trying to make this a country by country thing, maybe the competitive landscape is just different on these servers, idk)
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