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So... I was playing a ranked solo/duo game with one of my friends (both botlane). Long story short, we got a 7lvl Vi Polish player and I was pretty confident that she was going to be good (cause of her mastery lvl and points). We get into the game, the laning was harsh cause of the enemy Ashe's poke and Blitz's zoning ability. Somehow I manage to get 2 kills thanks to a missplay by the enemy botlane. Furthermore I didn't have the best farm cause of Ashe's poke but I tried my best. About 12mins in, we finally get a gank by our Beloved Vi, they only thing she managed to do is to give away a kill to the enemy jungler (Kayn). As I could tell she got tilted and cause I was 1 lvl lower than Ashe she started spamming it in the chat. For some uknown reason she went in the enemy's jungle, (as u guessed it didn't go that well). She started pinging our Zed for not helping her. To calm her down I told her "please play safe". That little thingy sparked something inside her and started flaming once again and by telling me that my mother should die (she did the same with our Zed but she called out his father). The game of course was a defeat. When the score board came up I reported her for verbal abuse and feeding. Anddd.... she didn't get banned (not even a chat restriction). Can please someone explain to me how wishing to someone's family member death is not worth banning but a three word acronym saying the exact same thing will get you instant banned? Any kind of feedback will be very appreciated. P.S. keep it Civil please. Thanks.
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