It feel like over half my games has someone who really deserves to be permanently banned.

I don't understand what is wrong with people in this game. It's like literally an every game thing where I have someone who is pissed off at the world and begins taking it out on everyone. If I tried to list out all of the different instances, there would literally be no end and I'd never finish. The punishment system in this game is painfully bad. It gives players way too many chances and room for cushion. I HATE wasting my time having to fill out a form to make a report on someone, who probably has behavior issues every single match that doesn't go their way. No one should have too. Every single offense that can be verified by the system should be punished. This "build punishment over time" philosophy is bad for the game, and the other players who have their sanity still intact. Every single time the system can verify negative behavior, players should be punished. It shouldn't wait for multiple instances or "extreme behavior" before it starts issuing punishments. I'm sure this would put heavy load on the detection servers, but the game is literally that bad right now that it is absolutely a necessity. I've played probably close to 200 games this past week and I'm starting to lose myself. Not because of the amount of matches, but because in most of those matches I'm dealing with people who probably shouldn't even be allowed to play League of Legends. I've literally demoted all the way from Silver II 93 LP now all the way down to Silver IV (and I've been between those ranges repeatedly over and over). I've been playing some unusual things, which triggers people, but most of the time I'm doing consistently well. A lot of matches however, are lost not because of play, but because of players literally tilting off the face of the earth and hammering me with every insult they can think of. Let me tell you, it's hard to maintain sanity when most of my matches involve having 6+ enemies and only a few actual teammates on my side.
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