let's remove toxic behavior

hey so, a moderator accidentally deleted this post, so i am reposting it. no problem, accidents can happen. i don't even play ranked, but i am already expecting people flaming when i enter a game. it's really unhealthy because: it's literally toxic behavior. you aren't giving someone constructive critisism, no, instead you are telling YOUR TEAM MATES that they should either kill themselves or uninstall the game when they die twice. what happens next? what do you think? someone will play better? no, the person gets nervous, unhappy, angry and they will either purposely feed or still try to do better and failing because of what they are feeling. that's why i don't blame ANYONE for purposely feeding when this happens. it's not toxic because, it's a response to what a lot of you have caused. so please listen to me and try to fix this issue. RESPONSE TO THE LAST COMMENT: it's pretty much pointless because no one listens but what is the point of deleting it tho?
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