Dumbest perma ban

I spent 20 days playing nonstop for 10 hours each day trying to level my account to 30 and play ranked. I ended up being lvl31 almost 32 with 19 champions waiting for 1 more level in order to gt my 20th champion. I decide to play bot and act like im not good. Pretending to call baron the "drag" and making my teammates laugh. Some people actually thought i was serious and were more toxic than i was. The other 2 laughed the entire time and cracked up and so did I. I ended up getting reportd for a BOT game and got a perma ban. Waste of my time this is why league of legends repel players/ This honor system and banning for chat is dumb. Why not perma ban players for leaving your game? for inting? Why can you get ban for chat? I tried coming back to play ranked again got so close and then perma banned.
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