New Players should be Taught how to deal with toxic players in league of legends

New Players should be Taught how to deal with toxic players in league of legends I know this might not be as a good idea from a game development stand point or a marketing stand point because it gives the game community a bad rep and might turn off new players but honestly Player toxicity and surfing in low lvl games already has a bad rep known even outside of the league of legends community and i feel like riot has done very little to try to correct this which dont get me wrong i understand. the problem is so immense and is so difficult to fix that there is very little that can be done. however i think that good way to go about this is to teach new players simple methods in how to negate toxicity in there own games as well as learn how to report toxic players. i think there should even be a tutorial on this. i love what riot has done with the tutorial for new players in league of legends i think its so much better then the old version(s), but it doesn't teach everything or even close to all the basic micros and macros and thats ok the tutorial should be teaching you the BARE ESSENTIALS. for example if i was teaching chess to somebody who never learned how to play chess i wouldn't say what you want to do in the early game is control the center, deploy your pieces, and protect your king. i would tell them the horsey makes an L movement and let them play the game to get the BARE ESSENTIALS. however i argue that in LOL attitude is key and new players dont ever learn this the only way they find out is if someone has to tell them or they look it up which is wrong. i created a smurf account to play with my gf who is new to the game and she seems very into the game but i just had someone harass her about her pro LGBT name and poor play and it really effected her she stoped talking and got offline and i had to talk to her later about it on how players are assholes and she shouldn't feel bad despite the fact on how i told her in game to mute him report him and ignore him this moment was honestly eye opening for me on how innocent new players are to the LOL community. we need to teach new players on how to act in this game if we do it now they will go out and teach others as well not be part of the problem toxicity is something that is easily spread and every player that knows how to deal with it makes this game better. i urge anyone with a smurf account to teach young players this in their games. so anyways i was thinking on a few ways riot can do this they can kinda have a chat minigame tutorial seperate from the others we have currentlly they will log into the game and only have to type in chat first time would be some generic text from a bot saying something like [aggressive insult] like in red text so not anything even making fun of the player just [angry player comment] and the player as to mute them then the tutorial is over then in bot games bots will do the same thing to players but it will be and actual insult like _you are a noob_ but still in red text. then after the tutorial and bot games a reminder will pop up showing new players that they should report the toxic bots and players cannot continue until they do. i know this is cheesy and doesnt even get much done but it shows players the BARE ESSENTIALS on how to deal with toxic players and thats what they should know. also while im making a rant like recommendation on game implemented things can we **PLEASE HAVE A REMINDER BOX SAYING SOMETHING LIKE _HEY WE NOTICED YOU MUTED A PLAYER IN GAME DO YOU THINK THEIR BEHAVIOR WAS REPORTABLE?_** if we mute somebody in game i know its my duty as a player to report anybody being an asshole but honestly when im tilted i go on autopilot and just breeze past the end game screen and the amount of times i say _FUCK I forgot to report X player_ after i leave end game lobby is ridiculous. Thanks for listening to my mini rant like suggestion Naomi IGT: Drezmal
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