Just got a 14 day ban for Flaming Dragon

How can you let this happen Riot? I wasn't even being toxic to my teammates and I get banned. So now we have to protect the dragon's feelings too? Where do we draw the fucking line? God this game is soft. Welp, see you in two weeks. Gonna fucking go play some Dota 2 now and LPQ with the Russians. Game 1 In Game OneMustFall: Yo are you just going to sit there or fucking do something? OneMustFall: Remake pls OneMustFall: Just sitting AFK in Pit not even spawning in OneMustFall: Piece of shit OneMustFall: Report Drag, spent first five minutes doing absolutely nothing OneMustFall: Then dies 1v1 to a fucking cat OneMustFall: Absolutely worthless OneMustFall: Oh great buff jackass you think movement speed is useful? OneMustFall: That's why nobody even wants to kill you OneMustFall: Because you're not worth anything OneMustFall: Your mother doesn't even love you like her other three kids OneMustFall: Bro get fucking 1v1ed with a Dorans OneMustFall: Stupid bitch OneMustFall: BTW fuck you, you can't even fly. You're a fucking disgrace to your whole family OneMustFall: I hope you get some kind of contagious disease and die OneMustFall: and it spreads to your whole fucking family OneMustFall: bitch
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