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The term "cyberbullying" refers to the use of Internet and/or mobile technology to harass, intimidate, or cause harm to another. Although bullying is hardly a new problem, it has moved from the schoolyard to social networking sites such as Facebook, emails, and mobile text messages.
"I am not sure how to let a developer or someone who is able to do something see this but I am taking the time in hopes that it will help something and possibly make people realize what they are saying" So this is something that needs to be seriously addressed. The amount of verbal and sheer hatred that some players can muster up towards others just for this game is sickening. Don't get me wrong I can get a bit worked up over it but never to the point where i will tell someone "kys" which is an acronym for "kill yourself". Riot needs to punish these gamers much more vigorously and make an example of them. Make a stand as a major gaming corporation that you will not stand for it either. Attentively monitored by employees at Riot. People play this game to have fun and enjoy themselves, yes I understand everywhere in the world there is hate and bullying -primarily over video games- but, it should not under any circumstances be tolerated. I have been playing LoL with my brother and friends for over 5 years. Dedicated countless hours of my time into playing it and also money. I do not pay for hatred I play to enjoy myself. Suicide is a huge problem in the world and too many people are too ignorant to understand how influential their words can be toward others. If only players see this post I want all of you to really think to yourself for a moment. How would you feel to be told to end your life? Or if you heard someone tell your loved ones or friends to do it? Telling someone they are garbage because they can't land a Q? Imagine these words actually making someone go through with it? You might as well be held responsible for murder. Telling someone to end their life isn't funny or "cool" it's pathetic and their should be no tolerance for it, especially in a vastly growing community. Communities are meant to be uplifting and have one anothers backs. That is the point of League of Legends. It is a team based game. you have to rely on one another to get anywhere in it. Players are now making it a game of smack talk and hate speech. I encourage anyone who comes across this to share it with League players and visit the link in the description. - Everyone take care, Respect one another. GG Have a good one
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