Sigh... permanently banned?

So I came back to play this game after some months and I immediately get banned... and the ban is a permanent ban. I guess the bans didn't decay at all over the months of not playing. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} I was able to retrieve my account once from a permanent ban suspension because it was so blatantly obvious, based on my match history, that I was trying to win games and did not deserve a permanent ban. This time, I did say some mean things to my teammates out of frustration although not nearly as offensive as what others say on this game. But I don't think I'm getting it back again. My only hope is that the popup title when I log into my account says "permanently banned" but then it also says banned for 30 days below. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Man, it's so hard to NOT get reported on this game. You play in plat elo and if someone performs terribly, much below expectations (plat elo is at least in the 80th percentile) and you try to help, you end up fighting and get mass reported. All you can do is suck your thumb and let him be while feeling incredibly helpless. I wish the ban system wasn't so harsh; I think people actually do reform even after short term bans. It's just that... there is no escape from getting banned. You get excused a few times but the bans will come whether you deserve them or not, and they accumulate without much decay. Took me only 3+ years. I actually didn't spend much money on this game because I knew this'd happen. I'm sure there are others who think as I do. Really wanted some skins but I knew it'd happen. Good thing I saw it coming and have a couple smurf accounts... I've been to mid Diamond back during the Solo Queue days and it still hurts to know that my main account is gone. Sadly, A permanently banned player.
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