Trolls in Champ Select

I was wondering if there is anyway to report players for trolling in champ select. Since Jihn came out I have had two players get pissed and threaten to troll because he got banned. The first one locked in jungle Tristana and the second one locked in Jinx at adc but said some really dumb stuff in chat. (I took screenshots of the what the second player said.) It seems that they think the new pick intent gives them some special right/privilege to the champ they display and this makes players more prone to throwing temper tantrums. I am not sure about you guys but I always ban the new champ for at least a week after his release. Anyway I have had to dodge two champ selects so that I don't lose as much LP and time as if i played the game out. Wondering if there is anyway to report these players and get them banned or suspended from ranked play. TLDR : People hover Jihn then someone bans Jihn then they troll champ select and I have had to dodge twice in the 2-4 hrs since his release. Can we report these trolls?
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