How to get out of trolls/ or how to behave when troll in team

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What can i do, if there is troll in the team? I am adc and my supp doesn't buy supp items (sion) and take almost all my farm. i have less dmg at the beginning with twitch then sion and he take farm earlier, then i can do so, then i have no money and when i fight he just run out and leave me 1 vs 2. (at the end of the game i had same dies as sion) and i do no dmg whole game, bcs i had to recall often bcs sion leave me 1 vs 2 and take almost all my farm 16 mins he had 54 farm me only 36 enemy adc had 78 farm. Sion gank sometimes mid and had enough farm and gold to fight and again leave me bot alone. Late game sion comes to me when i tried to take any farm and take some farm from me again. Nobody want's to surrender always 2/3. Lost 40 mins. What could I do in this situation? If i leave i will get ban. Does blocking the player help to avoid him from getting him in the team again?
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