Hello, fellow Summoner's {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} My name is TennoPrime - CA Penta In Game. Opinions are opinions, and this is just that, So bare with me ok? In my opinion Ranks themselves have created a stigmatism that I have Called Rank-ism We all know that Riot has done its best and continues to do so, in encouraging a Positive Gameplay Experience, and I personally commend them for doing as such. But with Ranks, this is not possible. Am I saying that Ranks in general should be Removed From the game? Uh No. All I am saying is that ranks always will lead to this stigma "He/She is Bronze, No wonder he/she is bad" This is a common thing said in the community, both in game and out, I Am in bronze, Am I bad? Certainly not, are my team mates bad? No. Does this mean League, is all luck? Also no. This means that my team, Vs their team, ended with them having better teamwork, and a more positive Attitude towards the game in General Were they more Skilled? That's quite a possibility, but in the end, remember. this is a game. an E-Sport, but the overall Goal of a Game, is FUN. Friendly Competition is always nice, but frankly League, is more so a Raging Ball of Angry Competitors that cant seem to face a Loss head on, with a positive attitude on why they lost, instead they blame their team, thus pushing those members of that team to also feel angry because they are getting blamed, this will lead them into acting the same way that their Accusers did, in future games. Instead of blaming everyone but themselves, they should realize that as a TEAM effort, you failed in destroying then Nexus, this could be for many Reasons, or one huge reason. Feeders, and Helping the enemy team players, are Exempt from this, because yes, in this case. they likely had a lot to do, with the loss of the team. But why do you think? that when you lose, you want to play one more game, " I need one win tonight" so you continue to play, this will make you better in the future. Repetition becomes, a habit, And Habits, can become Skills. What I am getting at, is that just because someone is Bronze, Does not mean they are not a Valid Competitor in League, it only means, that Their ability to Adapt, to a situation in game, was a little slower, then the enemy Teams, or maybe they were on tilt because last game they got blamed? or maybe its because they just weren't having a good day, does that mean you wont face the same player that "Sucked" one day, on another occasion, and get steam rolled by them? No, this has happened to me quite a lot. I will Reck a game, and completely get a great score, and another player on the enemy team, seems its their obligation, to prove that they are better then me ? then they will challenge me to a 1v1 and ill end up losing, and then getting called bad, in return. Am I a Skilled Competitor in the League of Legends Community? Hell yes I am, does that mean I am better then you? Hell no, it just means that I am doing my best to my abilities, to improve, and become a even better Competitor. I feel like if ranks were Removed, what would be the insult then? all it could be is "Oh You are bad" But then the underlying question is, Why is that person bad? Because he didn't have as good of a game as you? Because maybe his team AND Him didn't have enough communication in game? or they were out of position? or Their CS was bad? Etc, etc, etc. My point is, there are many reasons that one Loses a game, and at any given point, this isn't because the person was "Bad" or that he "Sucked" it was because that person is still developing his skills in the game, So in my opinion, and my general overlook, from this point on, is I don't See Ranks, I See Competitors. YOU Are a Competitor. I am a Competitor, So stop blaming Rank, and skill, and start evaluating what could of been done better, where you could have positioned better, how you can Pass on your Knowledge to the other player base in League, because maybe they didn't know what you did. Im not out to make myself a Biased person, do not get me wrong, I have contributed to the Toxicity in League as well, Am I proud of that ? NO. Am I constantly learning ways to better myself as a League Competitor? Yes. I Enjoy League of Legends, just as much as the next guy. but I am starting to feel bad for the people in the community trying their best to get better, getting (Pardon my Languge) "Sh$t" on because they didn't do what another player told them to do, or because they didn't play as well as the others, or because they died a lot, due to being a more Aggressive play style then most. So , I will leave this open for Discussion, the only Rule I ask for it is, BE POSITIVE. We are All Competitors in this Wonderful Community, Share Knowledge, don't Spit it. This was a Message, from a Currently Bronze V Player.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Realizing, I post this in the wrong spot, MY BAD Sorry.
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