The fact that people think like this is appalling

Just saw a post, in the wrong forum, about not leashing jungler as a top laner because it puts them behind. Then complaining about how those said junglers never gank top, especially went they are playing a tank top that the jungler isn't really supposed to gank unless they can 100% get a kill or a wasted flash. They were talking about not getting ganks as a Maokai top against an Urgot top, which isn't a very good match-up, but Maokai doesn't snowball with kills, he is played top for the cc and safe farming. They also were saying that if they leash as Tryndamere, I'm assuming their main, they can't get a level two kill because the enemy plays smart and prevents them from csing and building rage. The fact that people like this still exist in this game, that one, won't leash jungler and expect ganks, and two, think that they are entitled to everything in a game, shows that either the banning system has degraded, or that this community is becoming increasingly toxic again.
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