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Lost my cool a little bit a couple games ago and got a chat restriction. I don't know what happened to tilt my Support but the very second we get into the game (Morgana) says "I muted Lee". So passive agressive. I ignored it and went on playing the game. I'm playing TK top versus Morde and get too pushy with him by his turret, I should have picked up an easy kill but Morde got his shield JUST in time and got the kill on me. I tell him "wow wp", and Lee comes in to pick up the kill but dies. It's cool, I'm TK I can play this out just got to let him push more. I push Morde out of lane with TKs bs no mana cost QW combo ... (SHORT SIDE RANT- make QW combo cost mana and bring back stacks for abilities please..) Anyways I push Morde out of lane, and I don't see him so I'm pinging MIA.. I get his turret to the 2nd bar and told my team Morde was gone Top is open.. Then I notice he's bot side helping contest dragon and I have no TP and lvl 1 ult so I stay top. At this point Lee is struggling to get his ganks in, I feel sort of responsible considering my opponent is roaming and I'm just lazer focused on this turret and taking lane. I look at my map again looking at the exchange between the teams and notice Morgana is at our top side Blue camp, my eyes glance over to my chat and she's just straight flaming lee in all chat while trolling his camps. I respond to her just lost my cool I got the chat log posted below, this is just my experience in the game. So I go Mid with a help ping after their Jungle gets me.. it's either a Shyv or a WW.. Di (our Mid) goes Top. I ping her to retreat and ping help mid. Morde shuts her down under his turret. This Morde was actually really good, just great timing on his skills, really great with the push, had great map awareness, made great use of his TPs, and waited for your skills to be on cd. Just a player that was extremely comfortable with Morde. Anyways, Di starts saying some crap with Morgana and Lee is on the defensive, players are literally standing still typing messages.. This type of toxic environment seems to only exist in Ranked. In ARAM or Poro King or any Rotation games, when someone becomes toxic it's just so stupid it's easy to ignore and even the player who was toxic quickly calms down. Not in ranked. I don't even use chat, but somehow there I was feeding into the nonsense. It's all just stupid. Game 1 In-Game Kaje: wow Kaje: wp Kaje: morde mia Kaje: top open Kaje: why does morde have 5 kills???? Kaje: morg youre reported stay off ranked Kaje: bye Kaje: reporting di too Kaje: feeders Kaje: kinda fed morde? Kaje: my team is making this easy for you Kaje: morgana flaming my lee and trolling his camps Kaje: di coming top to feed morde more after he roams and kills these braindead apes Kaje: he has 7 kills only killed me once (okay so these following messages.. We took turret, and now our team is in retreat except me and Di who are trying to fight this super fed Yi.. their Jungle was this Yi not a WW or Shyv.. So Di and I got him down hard and she landed her ignite but Yi had her down to one hit left.. so I devour Di to save her and let her ignite kill him.. but she pops out instantly and dies. Her defense and it might be a good one was that she was on her 3rd AA.. but I didn't think she'd hit him before he hit her.) Kaje: omg di you braindead chimp Kaje: bc you used ignite dummy Kaje: IF yi doesnt hit you first Kaje: which he will Kaje: not really Kaje: how do you play in bronze promos Kaje: you must be trash Kaje: my promos were with gold and plat Kaje: morg youre getting perma banne im friends with some riot peeps and you were flaming as soon as we started Kaje: "i muted lee" Kaje: what a kyke Kaje: ask yourself what kind of troll asks for reports Kaje: morgana started flaming before the game started Kaje: team that doesnt troll their jungle wins
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