why i get chat restriction

why i get banned for this .. it was one bad game thats it i don't deserv it and i dindn't flame only saying (your realy bad) game1 and they tilt me cause they just spam ping me for no reason and about the game 2 ? im tryharding all the game and trying to be positve why i get banned only for one bad game Game 1 Pre-Game silvaxer: T_T In-Game silvaxer: yasu again silvaxer: jaw silvaxer: xd silvaxer: mute silvaxer: all silvaxer: go fk pin gnow silvaxer: 17 cs silvaxer: when your sup zoned you so you can't even farm silvaxer: ff15 silvaxer: i didnt talk to him silvaxer: your realy bad silvaxer: how toxic ? silvaxer: your always behind you just zoned and the get the lead silvaxer: im done sin early game silvaxer: stfu silvaxer: 0/3 silvaxer: same silvaxer: yes always report bot silvaxer: cry silvaxer: nice focus silvaxer: report you 0 gank and spam ping Game 2 Pre-Game silvaxer: xd silvaxer: what if he pik urgot :) In-Game silvaxer: free gank boot silvaxer: just try to not fight silvaxer: .. silvaxer: pls just safe silvaxer: im gonna cary silvaxer: than stay under tower silvaxer: dont farm silvaxer: just xp silvaxer: its free win silvaxer: 3lah silvaxer: report cass pls silvaxer: int and now afk silvaxer: nop your reported silvaxer: for toxic int and rq silvaxer: rq silvaxer: now you engage ?? when i died silvaxer: toxic bot ??? i said stay under tower thats it silvaxer: yes one for 3 :) silvaxer: pls sej silvaxer: fkin protect me silvaxer: what are you doing silvaxer: free game silvaxer: report yas and cass for int
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