I was permanently banned for being salty in just 1 game

I was banned for being a little salty in just game . Where i am not toxic to an extend i promise to not even chat in game not even a single word . Here is the chat that the client shows me while i log in to the account. Game 1 XPunisher09X: 1v3 XPunisher09X:  XPunisher09X: KYS XPunisher09X: KSY XPunisher09X: KYS XPunisher09X: Garbage XPunisher09X: gold 5 booosted XPunisher09X: kys XPunisher09X: noob XPunisher09X: Where u doin XPunisher09X: goin XPunisher09X: fgarbag XPunisher09X: Bye Thats all i get to see for the permanent ban. **If i can prove myself not toxic anymore please let me know Riot for the unban.**
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