‘ELO hell’ Frustrations! How AFKers, laggers, excessive negativity and feeding makes me want to cry.

I’m posting this here mainly just to vent my frustration. Also there is a small silent hope my frustration won’t go completely unnoticed and Riot and maybe even someone else reading this will do something about it. I start writing this post in between queuing for ranked and playing a couple of games which I hope will go better than the ones I have had before today. I do this because today I’ve had about the worst experiences in let’s say 4000 hours of playing League of Legends now. Yes I know, I should get a life. Anyway… For the n’th time today I had AFKers ruining my experience. Of my last five games I played today before starting to write this three of them had AFKers in it. That’s 60% of the time. I know this game has 10 players playing and there is always a chance that someone is having connection problems, but this much? In one game I had a 3/0/0 40cs Teemo going AFK at 9:25. The next game I had a Kayn 0/12/2 Morgana 5/12/4 in a 26:56 game. The game after that I had a Vayne AFK from Vayne 1:25-11:13 and once again from 21:30-29:48 till the game was over. Yes, I did check the replay for this. If it wasn’t for this Vayne I wouldn’t even be writing this, but I’ll get back to that later. As I watched the replay I noticed the enemy Thresh also being AFK for about two minutes from 16:24 to 18:38. The game after that the enemy team had an Udyr AFK from the start, so that game was ended in a remake at 3:00. The last game before writing this I had a “Tilting” Xin Zhoa to use his own words. In the end he went 3/11/5 Xin Zhoa, but not only did I have to put up with that this game, but I also had a 3/11/6 Katarina if only that Xin Zhoa wasn’t enough. What prompted me to start writing this was the game with the AFKing Vayne. First of all it frustrated me we couldn’t early surrender for a remake at 3:00 because the was in the game for the first 85 seconds of the game. If someone disconnects within the first 3 minutes of the game then it’s very likely they are experiencing technical difficulty of some sorts often caused by a bad connection or poor system maintenance, something that more often than not doesn’t get resolved over the course of an active game. I think any solo/duo ranked game where someone disconnects in the first few minutes of the game should end in a remake by default. The punishment for something like that happening should be increasing more and more rapidly. I think going AFK should be punished way quicker and way harsher especially in ranked queues. In the thousands of games I’ve played I estimate that I only experienced issues like that in perhaps 0.25% of the games at the max. Riot should not allow people who go over a certain percentage experiencing issues like this or simply being too unreliable to be able to queue for ranked that they go AFK too often to queue in the first place. The amount of AFKers I see deciding the outcome of a game is way too high. At the current level I’m playing I feel it is well over 10% of the games I play, but this should be much much lower. Since I’m talking about technical difficulties anyway I have to say that I see way too many people lagging. This is very frustrating because I generally have a fairly reliable connection reporting a static 11ms ping to the game servers at any time almost all the time. On the other hand I see other players reporting their ping all the time. It wouldn’t be a problem if it was let’s say around 75ms max, but they are so often reporting pings of like 300ms sometimes even over a second which is simply ridiculous. People with unreliable connections who often lag should not able to queue at least not for ranked. The percentage of players with horrible connections is high enough that Riot should be able to put them in games together and keep them from the players with better connections. It is a metric I feel that should be included in match making at the very least. Now for the excessive negativity; the negativity in this game is way way too high and I think that there are a few things that can be done about it. First of all we as a community should be able to handle things more maturely. Not getting butt hurt when someone gives any kind of advice and simply just being more chill overall. Riot however is in the unique position to really do something about this though in different ways. The honor system which I will address later isn’t nearly effective enough, but there are other ways even ways which doesn’t require punishing players. I feel like one thing could bring down the negativity pretty easily and effectively with an added bonus of resolving one of the big annoyances we all have to deal with very so often. I’m talking about the surrender vote system. I have been complaining about the surrender vote system for over 3 years maybe even longer due to its pop-upish nature which causes a lot of frustration for me when I’m still alive in a team fight and the one down and negative person that’s already dead throws that damn surrender pop-up in my face. I believe Riot should at least experiment with limiting the use of the surrender vote more. I think it would be a good idea to first of all disable people being able to call for a surrender vote while they are dead. This prevents other players being distracted by the pop-up while they are still fighting and give the player that died at least some time to relax, take a deep breath and get their mind back into the game. I think Riot should start experimenting with this as the surrender vote by itself is a prompt for negativity on its own. I suggest experimenting letting players who died not be able to call for a surrender vote until they have been back in combat for at least 10 seconds. That way a lot of the ‘I’m bored’ surrender votes and corresponding negativity could be at least partially negated while still allowing players to surrender the game when they want to. The last thing about the general negativity I want to mention is that I often find myself babysitting the chat trying to keep my teammates from flaming each other. Often times for no apparent reason people feel the need to point out everything someone does wrong often without looking at themselves. I don’t get that. There is very little use average flaming comment in game. You are most likely just decreasing your own chances of winning by flaming your teammate. If you don’t have anything useful to say that will increase your chances of winning just don’t say anything except for small talk. As far as excessive feeding goes I know everyone can have a really bad game every once in a while. I do to, but usually not as bad as the examples I have given because no matter how bad I’m playing at a certain moment, I always try to remain carryable by my teammates if they are able to do so. So I very rarely go into stuff or initiate risky fights unless I have a good reason to do so like at baron or sometimes drake because we are otherwise screwed anyway. Sometimes I do risky plays solo too, but when I do I always keep in mind what we can lose as a team if something goes wrong. When the potential reward is too small and the potential loss too big, I just fall back like I feel I should. Otherwise I would feel like I would be assisting the enemy team. The problem however is that I see people going into chanceless or overly risky stuff all the time. It wouldn’t even bother me so much if it was just due to their high risk high reward play style, but after I see them doing predictably bad stuff like that I usually request as nicely and quickly as possible for them to be a bit more careful however that usually results in some form of insult or a quick “stfu”. I realize that I might be better than others at reading risky situations, but when they do the same senseless thing over and over again it’s not like they are actually trying anymore. I often see players playing and going into anything like mindless zombies in order to resolve their boredom or whatever further demoralizing their teammates asking them to stop what they are doing. If there is one reason above all else why I feel like I’m stuck in the ELO hell is the ego of the average LoL player. So many LoL players have such a big ego thinking they are more or better than someone else based on mostly misguided ideas about themselves and it’s really bringing me down both on the ladder and also mentally. For me it’s so saddening to see my team ignoring my pings/calls most of the time. Mechanically I’m not the best player, but my forte with over 4000 hours played by now is the macro game. Compared to the league I’m currently at (Gold freaking 5?! Unbelievable…) I can clearly see I’m much better at this than the average player in the same league. However they often feel like they should just ignore my pings and calls and do whatever they please. For me they seem to have a comparable level of intelligence to how Dr. Mundo sounds, which is not that much. Again and again I see people strategically playing very poorly and sometimes I bother trying to ping or tell them what they should do sometimes even why, but I don’t have the time to properly explain the game as it’s going on, I got to cs! What baffles me the most is when I ping people to do something and they do it and things go great. Then sometime later I ping them to do something and they don’t and things go south. You would think that someone might think something like: “Hey, this guy was telling us what to do and we owned, now we ignore him and we suck. Maybe I would do better to keep listening to this guy. He seems to know what he’s doing” But no that’s not how the average LoL player thinks. They have this idea they are gods they can do anything no matter the fact that they are 0/7/0 and are playing like shit at the moment. “No, that guy pinging me to back off just wants me to back off so he can come and steal the kill, so he can bask in glory when I could have carried him to victory. Nobody is greater than me!” Sadly most of the times after sounding the back off ping it’s followed by the all so familiar “An ally has been slain” more often than not eventually followed by “Defeat”. It’s sad really because my winrate is mostly decided by how well my teammates listen to my pings/calls and they never do. I was about to post this wall of text and then I realized I forgot coming back on the honor system. That fateful AFKing Vayne game she did come back for a couple of minutes only to disconnect again later. She had the excuse of having to shut down her PC only to disconnect once again later. Anyway the first thing she said when she came back was “Sorry guys I had to reboot, honor Malph” or something along those lines. Malphite (the support) was me. Today I got a honor capsule for keeping things sportsmanship like and I simply must say. Such consolation rewards don’t compare to the shit I’m going through. Not when it comes to all these AFKers, laggers, feeders and flamers. Riot, if there is something you want to do for the community, include some sort of karma metric in the matchmaking algorithm. People with negative karma should be playing more often together with each other and people with more positive karma should be playing more often together with each other as well. I know this can hurt queue times, but at least make it an option for those who don’t mind to wait longer for better in game experiences. Do something, anything! Because all these things I talk about in this wall of text are not only hurting my experience, but that of the community as a whole. Please don’t be too easy on people just because it’s more profitable. If you want LoL to be competitive then take the necessary steps to make it that way. I think the competitive mode is a good addition, but as long as it doesn’t replace solo/duo or flex ranked, you should keep thinking about ways to improve it. I gave some suggestions. Please keep them in mind. PS: While I was writing this I have had two relatively normal games I was able to win. Another one I could win easily where the enemy Caitlyn went AFK although it probably didn’t matter anymore by that point. Also another lost game with a 4/13/1 Kha’Zix in my team cursing by only saying “cancer” after his team asked him to please stop inting, which he clearly was. All he did was walk out of base go into anything he saw regardless of enemy allies being close to kill him even if he happened to kill one of them. In another game I lost I had an Ezreal 2/7/6 flaming me like there was no tomorrow for doing risky plays he did not survive, like farming alone without vision not knowing where the enemy was. That same game I had a 3/11/2 Yasuo mid, a 3/7/2 Renekton who couldn’t keep himself from saying “Report Ali” (That was me) after he himself engaging in a very risky teamfight on his own which lost us the game. tl;dr: People please keep your head cool and try to remain carryable by your allies when things go bad and don’t tilt. If you or your setup is not reliable enough don’t play League especially not ranked. Your allies are not out to get you. This is a 5vs5 game (SR) not a 1vs9. If they ask something of you or tell you something they think you should be doing they are probably doing so because they want to increase both your chances of winning. AFKers, laggers, flamers, feeders, be ashamed of yourself. That Riot cannot deal with you, that doesn’t mean you have to ruin other peoples experiences. Dial down your ego. It’s probably hurting you more than you can even imagine. Like everyone, including me, you are not flawless.
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