Permanently Banned for being Harassed

Look, I get that league can get a little intense and people will get mad but it happens. I was permanently banned for cussing someone out for feeding, throwing the game, and harassing me. Trying to talk about my parents and crap like that. I get that i messed up by replying and and initiating the trash talk but after about 10 minutes i stopped for the rest of the game. I stop flaming and got over the heat. I just wanted to play the game but the guy continued to flame me and harass me. But then I'm the one who ended up getting banned?? PermaBanned at that. I would understand like game chat banned or something but I have been playing this game for Four years now. The league community has been becoming worse and worse and the fact that my team stays quite and i speak up to the guy losing on purpose and then he complains to the enemy team that I'm the bad guy? It's ridiculous. All I ask is to reduce my ban, I don't care if its a month or two but I do not believe i deserved to be banned from the game forever. I have spent money and time into this game and I love league of legends, i still remember the first time i played it and how immediately it pulled me in. To be the only one punished and so severely it's just disappointing. I know I messed up and I can Admit to that but all i ask is for one more chance. I would rather never type in game again then be banned from playing at all. Please Consider Riot.
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