Toxicity is literally tilting me off this planet

I know that with the number of players that play this game that nothing can really be done to solve this issue and this is really just something to blow off steam, but the number of toxic players I get in my games is tilting me off this planet. This past week or week and a half I've had a game where I was flamed about my ign by two people in a ranked game where they then proceeded to int and then afk and another game where my support got ignited and failed to dodge a jhin w at 70 health while she had flash up. She then came back to lane and started taking cs equating to 400 gold because I apparently owe that to her for not healing. After she decides to stand and laugh while I get pulled by a blitzcrank and for the rest of the game she spams her own teammate's death timers and flames our mid laner as well. Needless to say I am nowhere near enjoying the game as much as I had when I started playing.
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