Got banned today... 14 days for 7 messages.... ARAM..

So no context is needed to be fair, But basically the enemy team starting farming in aram just standing afk under turret. Because we were all like low ranged mages so we could go to the turret. So I called everyone %%%s/pussy as a joke with the enemy Zac because he was also complaining to his team. I mean I can get a chat restriction at most but 14 day ban? what?!. There is only 1 game aswell. (If you are afraid of links) Game 1 In-Game Sundling: hello bunch of %%%s Sundling: let's go Sundling: %%%s means pussy in finnish Sundling: pussy is a cat Sundling: banned Sundling: bish Sundling: it's for ez I know homofobic slurs are 0 tolorance but I mean give me a chat restriktion at most. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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