League is literally based out of SJW's

What's even up with these damn punishment systems? People demand even more ways to punish people of just being toxic. What happened with a game being a game? League doesn't encourge people with skill at all, they only focus on to punish those who are angry. Have you ever seen a game that bans people that are just mad at the current moment of the game (ingame)? It is even fucked up that they have put in a punishment were you have to wait 20 minutes before queing for a game. How does that work for people that doesn't have time for that? People have real fking lifes out there and this game is literally made by a bunch of pussy ass whipped SJW's. Dunkey is so fking right with all his statements, and go ahead downvote me and prove my point right, you're all a bunch of weak hearted people. Who literally snitches on someone just because of saying for example "Fuck you" Or "Kys". If you haven't been on the internet for too long to take these words light hearted, then don't ever come back... I just wish this game was a lot more different, and it has the most potential than any game out there.

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