Punishable Offences with Friends

Hey all! I was playing a 5 man with some IRL friends while also calling over League voice and I was thinking about the things my friends and I were saying both in voice and in game. I was curious about what one could be punished for, if any, of the following 1. Things said over League Voice - Is this something that Riot could monitor (I assume not...?) What if a pre-made reports you for something you said over League Voice? 2. Private messages - Discussions held with friends over League Client 3. Things typed in-game - Can you get punished for saying something even if you're not reported? (i.e. in a 5-man where you type something to team only and friends don't report) Or just in general, does League's system auto-punish people without them being reported Sometimes I just get worried about what I'm saying with my friends :') Thanks for reading!
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