Perm banned...

I understand my behavior wasn't correct. I realize at this point of time that it wasn't fair for the losing team to be harassed but too me it was all a joke, I was not being rude directly... just having fun, messing around just like every other player. I strongly understand my consequences but a month ban would seem more appropriate for the fact that I was toxic one game and really find it rude that I will live through a day with a toxic enemy and not report them for the fact that you don't know what kind of day they had, and maybe the game got them a little too excited, like me... I really apologize for my behavior but I've spent a lot of money and realize now that its all going too waste. I find that very unfair but yes I also understand that its unfair to other players but why not a 30 day ban OR even better... muting the players chat permanently like personally you can get in big trouble for the fact that you're stealing your customers / players purchases. I'm not trying to be rude its more just giving tips... a perm mute on players would be a perfect punishment because at least they still get everything they PAID for.... Back when I first played that was actually one of the main punishments and I don't get why you got rid of it. Now I wouldn't recommend 14 day bans every time but I've been banned ONCE and now I'm perm banned that's very unfair for the fact that I've given you guys hundreds of dollars and yet just taken... all because I was rude during one game that doesn't actually show the entire convocation. I don't expect an unban but I do recommend taking my advice, just incase someone did do something to maybe take down league of legends or even just riot in general... For all the toxic players, don't do what I did because yeah its unfair my accounts perm banned... but if you spend a lot of money on something that can just be vanished like that... its not worth it ;) Thank you so much riot for the great game... **Sincerely, MuffinsOnCrack**
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