Enemy Team won't end, my team won't forfeit for 20 minutes in an ARAM.

Is there anything that can be done about this? We would have 3 people agree to forfeit over and over but two refused. The opposing team was at our Nexus at minute 15 and sat there not ending the game for another 20. They would just sit outside our fountain and people felt like they had to continue trying or they could get reported for afking or something. Around minute 30 I started just running past the opposing team and hitting their towers. I took down their inner tower and inhibitor by myself while the enemy team faffed around. Their Garen literally walked around me while I destroyed their inner tower and took their inhibitor doing nothing. Then we killed 4 of them around the 35 minute mark and ended the game during their respawn timer. It wasn't fun. It wasn't enjoyable. It wasn't close. Be it team comp or player ability they were in complete control of the game basically the entire time, and then three of us were trapped in a game we didn't want to be in for 20 minutes. It was an ARAM and up until we lost our two Nexus turrets and they could have ended I was fine with fighting a losing fight, but after that it's absurd that I'm forced to stay in a game that is over just because the opposing team wants to BM and farm kills and two people on my team won't forfeit.
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