For those of you worried about "false reports".

I was curious about how many reports were made against me on my account because I've had people tell me they're going to report me for inting, feeding, griefing, etc... when I don't actually do any of those things on purpose. I have bad games but people seem to be worried that if a premade reports them they'll get banned or punished even if they don't do anything wrong. Or they believe that false reports in general can get them in trouble. Here's what's been "reported" against my account personally: Hate speech: 8 Leaving/AFK: 4 Verbal Abuse: 27 Negative Attitude: 26 Inting/Feeding: 11 Third Party Program: 2 I have received ONE chat restriction out of all of these reports and that was due to me being 100% toxic towards trolls on my team and was absolutely deserved. But based on these numbers, I should have gotten punished a LOT more times however 98% of these were absolutely false reports therefore I didn't get punished for them. People think wanting to FF is considered negative attitude and they'll report you for it but you won't get punished. I've seen a lot of people complain about how people falsely report them and they get punished when they don't do anything wrong, but in reality false reports do NOTHING at all. This is proof of that.
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