Trolling players

I think a lot more needs to be done about troll players just had a game where a temmo junglar took ancient coin and came and sat in bot lane in stealth leeching exp and doing nothing but moving forward so as to be always leeching exp. I was the support and yes I could have gone to another lane but then would be leaving my adc alone (the temmo doesn't count) but the adc wouldn't get any advantage from me leaving they would just be getting the same exp as the opposing bot lane but would be 1v2. Nothing was said to this teemo in pick and bans to make him do this he just decided to do it. I feel that in situations like this where a player is clearly trolling from the start of the game you should be able to remake instead of being forced to lose lp. I know people will say that it balances it out, in the long run, getting trolls on your team vs other team having trolls. However, of late seems to happen to be a lot in my promos or the game to get me into my promos which as a result have stopped me climbing Yes some of the games that get me to that point may have had trolls on other team but it can happen that it only happens to a player in their promos cause of bad luck, so through no fault of their own they are unable to climb not because they don't have the skill but because they get trolls on their team that simple Before people start saying that if they have the skill they should be able to climb regardless that is ridiculous, yes a highly skilled player may be able to do that but if u are a bronze player on the verge of making it to sliver for the first time that is ur skill lvl B!-S4 the people u are playing are of similar skill lvl if a game then becomes a 4v5 because fo a troll one team then has a 5th member of similar skill which makes it an unbalanced game. Some people may be lucky and rarely have this affect them others I'm sure have it happen to them a lot which again makes the climb unbalanced. Im not sure what can be done to fix this but it needs to be fixed Riot need to look at a way of dealing with trolls like this and banning an account isnt much of a deterrent especially for trolls in bronze and iron as easy to make a new account and be ready for ranked very quickly to do it all again
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