Unofficial Discord for Permabanned Players

Have you been permabanned from League of Legends? Have you lost hundreds of dollars worth of skins? Do you feel like Riot and the Community are against you? Do you want to reform and enjoy League of Legends again but don't know how or where to start? My name is Mordius, and after several months away from League of Legends from being Permabanned, I have reformed my behavior but find myself struggling to enjoy League of Legends again. I have sought to get my account unbanned but several Rioters have made it very clear that unbanning a permabanned account will NEVER happen. I have begun leveling a new account and I am hard-pressed to unlock my champions again with the new leveling system in place as it has been over 5 years since I've had to work at attaining champions. I have given up on spending money on league, so purchasing champions with RP or buying Exp boosts is strictly out of the question. Many permabanned players may be experiencing the same feelings as I am, and it is for this reason I have created a discord exclusively for permabanned players. This Permabanned Exclusive Discord serves 4 purposes: 1. To help permabanned players get past the loss of their account. 2. To help permabanned players reform their behavior 3. To help permabanned players level a new account 4. To develop a community of members that Riot has given up on who still wish to enjoy League of Legends. Members will be separated into two categories, Permabanned and Reformed. We will work with each other to hold ourselves accountable, and when a member has shown good behavior for several months they will be promoted to Reformed status. I hope to use this discord as a means to proving to Riot that players can actually reform if given more time and encouragement. It is for this reason, anyone showing no interest in actually reforming will be kicked from the discord. Players interested in joining will be required to present an image of their permaban prior to approval into the discord. Discord: Edit: In the event that I am offline, Approvals may take some time, as I am the only one running the server at the moment.

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