"super" reports

what if. riot gave us, a certain number per day of "super" reports that would either A. ignore the reporting players report weight but be treated like a normal report"most likely" B. instantly flag the reported player for review regardless of their toxicity history or your own report weight in order to use a "super" report you would be required to write a summary. and select from a list of reasons why you would need to use a super report as opposed to a regular one heres how it would work. when you click the report button. a checkbox would pop up saying "use excalated report" if checked. you would select from the current report options. and then click send. then a second box would pop up. saying " what has player x done warranting escalating an escalated report. with the following checkboxes * evading ban detection, but still being negative * im concerned my reports are weightless and a regular report wont do anything * irl threats * the person was deliberately baiting toxicity from me or another player you would also be required to write a short description as to what the player was specifically doing.
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