Discussion on Context and Objectivity

Hello _Player Behavior_, today I've been struck by a decent curiosity, and have decided to start a discussion around a fairly divisive issue that frequently crops up in discussions here. It's one that, as far as I've seen, is an issue that has a clearly drawn line, and a party on either side. And, as you could doubtless guess by the title, the issue in question is about the "completeness of chat logs", but in the narrower sense, the divide between a desire for _context_, and an adherence to _objectivity_. Regulars around the _Player Behavior_ boards have doubtless seen the arguments occur here and there - not a week goes by that it doesn't at least once, it seems - where a player will have their logs reviewed, or withhold their logs, and argue that the chat logs provided are "incomplete" and "lacking context". And, we've also doubtless seen - and made - the retort. The only chat/behavior that matters in regards to a punishment is that of the punished player's, and everything else is beside the point. There can be exceptions, of course, however rare, such as cases where a gullible player was tricked into saying a zero-tolerance word or something of the like, but by and large, the argument doesn't really change. They are exceptions, after all - not the rule. So, as one could expect, my goal is thus; I'd like to see an earnest discussion take place in regards to the issue of context vs. objectivity, with people with opinions both for and against either side invited to speak their piece here. Bear in mind, this isn't intended to holistically change the nature of typical peer review and response to calls for context, but moreover to get both sides better informed about one another. With that in mind, I'll start this discussion by stating my side, and adding a statement from my perspective for the opposing argument. Personally speaking, I hold my lot on the side of objectivity - I wholeheartedly believe that only the individual's chat logs should be reviewed, taken in isolation from other players' behavior. The solitary chat logs provide the cleanest, most easily observable view at a player's behavior - and misbehavior - in a given match. And when people argue "I know my chat looks bad in isolation..." - I'm tempted to tell them that _that's the point._ Your chat isn't supposed to look bad, period, and being able to see your chat as being bad for its isolation from other player's behavior makes for a solid case to keep it that way - so that players can actually look at their chat objectively, and see the problems that caused them to be punished. _**But**_, I will concede that it may potentially be helpful to view whole chat logs (other players' chat included) so as to get a better picture of how the altercations go down. It's one thing to know that a punished player flamed, but it could probably help to advise them better for future matches to find the breaking point and see just where the benign chat turns into counterflaming. So, with that said, it's time to begin the discussion proper. For those who would favor a focus on context, please explain why, and what potential benefits looking at a whole chat log can offer; and for those who favor objectivity, likewise, explain your stance, and what benefits you can think of to reviewing behavior in isolation. And as a challenge for both sides; try to find a fault in your own side. What downsides are there to looking at behavior in isolation, and what ill-affects could come from having the whole chatlog displayed? And, of course, remember to stay respectful and stay on-topic. Some light diversions are fine, but I like to see a commitment to the discussion.
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