Banned for "inting" unjust

I had a really bad game and was kinda tilted from the 2 losses before this game. I know I shouldnt play when tilted but I always end up playing till I untilt(not the best method). I went 0/12/1 in the game I've linked and my team kept saying I was inting when I wasn't. I'm aware 0/12 is horrible but it doesnt mean I was trying to lose, griefing or inting. I even had two afk's that game... I hit up the support team and this is what they had to say: "I understand it can come as a big surprise to get a two-week suspension. The reason this suspension was issued was due to clear intentional feeding. Evidence from the match history confirmed this to be true. We want the game to be as positive as possible for all players and intentionally feeding ruins that for all the players in the game. This is why a harsher penalty is applied regardless of how long the account was in good standing." Its fucking bullshit, I've seen Yassuo go 0/18, everyone has bad games, getting a 2-week ban for just one poor game is not fair.

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