In-Game Restrictions

I was given a 10 game restriction as you can see from the screenshot and I think that the penalty is unfair. The reason I think that the penalty is unfair is due to the honor levels. I don't think people with 10 game restrictions should lose their hard earned honor levels, I was honor level 5 and now it has been reset over nothing. The 10 game chat restriction is fine but resetting my honor levels because I told my afk support to not play league if he is going to afk because it ruins the game means I get my honor taken then I don't think league should have an honor system at all because that is the most ridiculous thing ever, and if they are going to suspend honor levels based on a chat restriction then I think it's fair to give the summoner their honor back, other wise it's just pointless to have an honor. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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