I got a 14 day suspension for literally saying nothing

So I got banned for 14 days because of this Game 1 Pre-Game TheRadiationWolf: mid TheRadiationWolf: ye TheRadiationWolf: Can someone evade? TheRadiationWolf: please TheRadiationWolf: I'll get a ban TheRadiationWolf: if I do TheRadiationWolf: yeee In-Game TheRadiationWolf: forgot TheRadiationWolf: xD TheRadiationWolf: ezzz TheRadiationWolf: ezz TheRadiationWolf: ye TheRadiationWolf: don't kys TheRadiationWolf: ez TheRadiationWolf: no kys pls TheRadiationWolf: you weren't prepared TheRadiationWolf: that was a mistake TheRadiationWolf: YOU SHALL BE FORBIDEN TheRadiationWolf: ez TheRadiationWolf: ye TheRadiationWolf: yeeee TheRadiationWolf: it's ok TheRadiationWolf: The champ has been here for a few weeks TheRadiationWolf: I'm not blamin you TheRadiationWolf: xD TheRadiationWolf: kys Darius not TheRadiationWolf: idk TheRadiationWolf: I wanted to execute TheRadiationWolf: xD TheRadiationWolf: kurac TheRadiationWolf: kubij se TheRadiationWolf: kjazavac TheRadiationWolf: napravi klanje.exe na User.exe TheRadiationWolf: we are premade TheRadiationWolf: ez TheRadiationWolf: gg TheRadiationWolf: ez TheRadiationWolf: wp The half of things I wrote weren't even on english OK. I wrote kys a few times but I esspecially emphasized NOT TO This is just dumb and Riot should stop using bots to regulate the relationship between the community WAS THIS EVEN TOXIC????
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