Stay salty kids

This does not warrant a suspension, and its sad that you think so. You will never get rid of me. I will continue to tell these kids that theyre sad and trash because thats what they are. Its their own fault that their getting shitted on and dying, not the teammates. Take accountability for your owm mistakes. Your trash at this game, accept it. Youll never climb Game 1 In-Game QuintioneAqS: vel is the support? lmfao QuintioneAqS: ez QuintioneAqS: you're the suppor QuintioneAqS: its allll you QuintioneAqS: **it was in that moment, vel realized he was vel supporot QuintioneAqS: wt QuintioneAqS: f QuintioneAqS: keep attacking the drak... QuintioneAqS: wtf QuintioneAqS: lol stop QuintioneAqS: its embarrasing QuintioneAqS: you have your own jg QuintioneAqS: lol you sure do chase alot QuintioneAqS: stop leaving your lane zoe QuintioneAqS: smh say yes QuintioneAqS: you wanna follow your lane? QuintioneAqS: fck you lucian QuintioneAqS: i was stunned idiot QuintioneAqS: 2 /2 QuintioneAqS: been roaming all game QuintioneAqS: anmd im the idiot QuintioneAqS: lmfao QuintioneAqS: k kid QuintioneAqS: stay silver QuintioneAqS: ya you do QuintioneAqS: look at your lane zoe QuintioneAqS: thats your fault QuintioneAqS: learn to mid QuintioneAqS: why would i go mid QuintioneAqS: when you're just loligagginb around the map QuintioneAqS: tahts on you and so is this loss QuintioneAqS: maybe youll learn QuintioneAqS: lolol QuintioneAqS: you're sad QuintioneAqS: 2/3 QuintioneAqS: more pressure QuintioneAqS: lmfao QuintioneAqS: look at your lane QuintioneAqS: you might as well ff, QuintioneAqS: lucian an zoe arent winning QuintioneAqS: i muted zoe so the dumb btch is wasting her typing lol QuintioneAqS: zoe and lucian became super toxic QuintioneAqS: ^ rofl QuintioneAqS: our mid tho Post-Game QuintioneAqS: its sad you think that loss isnt on you QuintioneAqS: stay silver QuintioneAqS: you said QuintioneAqS: why didnt you ult QuintioneAqS: thats complementing? QuintioneAqS: you're sad kid QuintioneAqS: and no you didnt zoe QuintioneAqS: i muted you and unmuted you, you were still typing me QuintioneAqS: lmfaoi QuintioneAqS: you two, you duo QuintioneAqS: worst ive ever seen QuintioneAqS: stay sad Game 2 In-Game QuintioneAqS: wow QuintioneAqS: any1?? QuintioneAqS: yall reallly stayted bot? QuintioneAqS: lol fine with me if you lose QuintioneAqS: that was on you QuintioneAqS: lol QuintioneAqS: follow your lane QuintioneAqS: moron QuintioneAqS: idc if i die QuintioneAqS: its your lane thats going to get sht on QuintioneAqS: lol udyr QuintioneAqS: stop QuintioneAqS: bs QuintioneAqS: ha! QuintioneAqS: ez? QuintioneAqS: yall; need to ban udyr obv QuintioneAqS: theyre a team QuintioneAqS: were not QuintioneAqS: you wont win QuintioneAqS: you're saying yes next ff QuintioneAqS: uyou just let them take my blue lol get fcked QuintioneAqS: you wont win kid QuintioneAqS: oh well QuintioneAqS: you're the one getting shtted on by udyr not me QuintioneAqS: nasus you were lvl 11 how tf did you do more dmg QuintioneAqS: doesnt make sense but ok QuintioneAqS: 2 levles down still does more dmg QuintioneAqS: no kid, you're broken QuintioneAqS: veigar you couldnt even 1v1 me so? QuintioneAqS: lucian bot? QuintioneAqS: that doesnt matter tho? QuintioneAqS: you suck QuintioneAqS: ya you do QuintioneAqS: im the one winning tho ^_^ hmmm QuintioneAqS: keep trying booboo, youdef the one dead tho QuintioneAqS: no drake?? QuintioneAqS: lollololol QuintioneAqS: and im the one thats bad QuintioneAqS: you suck QuintioneAqS: ya you are QuintioneAqS: map QuintioneAqS: mid lane QuintioneAqS: gg Post-Game QuintioneAqS: youll never climb veigar QuintioneAqS: your skill proves it
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