Riot, please add a function to completely turn off the chat...

I understand that I can /mute all, but at this point I don't fear what other people are saying, but what I'm saying myself. /mute all doesn't prevent ME from typing, and therein lies the issue. I've managed to get my anger muddied down to brief annoyance, but I have no self-control when it comes to leaving a snide or sarcastic comment in the chat here and there (at least I'm not downright insulting...anymore). Since you can be reported for being negative in ANY fashion, I fear for my future in this game. I've already been chat restricted twice this year (which brought about my recent change in attitude), and my husband is absolutely livid with me because if I get my account banned he'll likely get his banned as well since we're on the same IP. I don't want my account banned either, since I've been playing since Season One and I've put more money into this game over the years than I wanna think about. I know there's others like me who are aware of their habits and lack of self control, and would like the ability to completely remove the option of being toxic in the first place. I'd REALLY appreciate the ability to just...turn the damn chat off. Remove it from my screen entirely. Put a tiny surrender button on the UI somewhere and the chat has no further useful function. Why can't you do this for me, Riot? Please.
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