Hey Riot, can you maybe hire Player Support that understand even the most basic fundamentals of LoL?

So I made a previous post about how my game of going 1/7 Rammus jungle was included as a game where I was intentionally feeding or griefing despite me not being toxic at all, barely saying a word, not running under towers or into enemies, not troll building or acting malicious to teammates. So I contact support about this specific game and this is what the support agent, who seemingly has never played or watch a game of League in their life, had to say: "Hey again, I believe that one was included based on the score and in the game that you said that if they did not ward you were not leashing. [1:24] F6 Tornado (Rammus): hello [1:27] F6 Tornado (Rammus): no ward no leash" Just wow.. what else can you say.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Firstly, you are not required to leash junglers at all, it is a personal decision depending on the lane matchup and whether you deem it is necessary. It does help your jungler for sure, but you may not want to leash for reasons such as cheesing or lane priority, and some junglers need leashes less than others. Secondly,** I WAS NOT EVEN THE LANER, I WAS THE JUNGLER WHO WAS NOT LEASHED LOL**. I was just stating that I did not get a leash nor did I get a ward on my opposite side buff (as is common practice to be aware of jungle pathing and invades) so I was a bit behind due to the actions of my team. Thirdly, "the score" ?? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} How is 1/7 an egregious score, that's incredibly common, I literally see scores like that (or usually worse) nearly every single game, especially on the losing team. Just baffling that this line was even included. It's really insane how these player support agents are basically just there not to actually look at individual cases and determine if they were fair, but instead to just reach as hard as they can to try to justify the punishment in any way possible because they have no intention of ever changing it. I mean they either did not look at this game for more than 30 seconds, or they have just never played a single game of league in their life and don't understand what leashing or warding opposite side is. Just really insane, you would think with all the money Rito is making from skins that they could afford to hire player support agents with even an ounce of experience in the game especially if they are going to be judging cases of griefing, intentionally feeding, and trolling. But I guess that is too much to ask XD

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