A Taste of Low Elo

Although I am not active on the forums I just encountered a player that I thought needed the attention of a post. Not sure what it actually takes to perma-ban a player but if anyone deserves it, it's the Vayne in my previous game. Not sure if it's the time of the day or the Elo I play in but I encounter these guys on a regular basis. 5/7 of my daily sign-ins I've logged in to the prompt, . . . a player you have reported has recently been blah blah blah . . . . Anyway, the game starts out normal, then out of the blue our ADC decides he doesn't want to have his lane turret and decides to roam mid until it goes down. In the process he makes a mid dive on the opponent mid and dies. From then on he makes it his mission to be a detriment to the team and spread his toxicity throughout the game. He sold all of his items and either died to the mid or executed by turret (ending with 29 deaths in 38min game). Our team did a decent job of staying together and playing the game out. Turns out that we ended up winning what I call a 4v6. Point of this post is to ask anyone out there what it takes to clean this game up? If anyone could explain to me how to post the replay as a link I would really like to share it in case a mod swings through and would like to do something about it. Thanks! Intentional feeder- [removed by moderation]
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