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Hey I need help with this one, I understand I'm bickering with my team mates and it was a really hostile game from champ select, where I was being flamed for my champion choice which lead to constantly complaining, spam pinging me and report threats, I really felt bullied here and didn't have the presence just to mute but I did play my best and managed to do good and I did stop talking entirely after this argument and just focused. My adc had pretty much stopped playing just to complain about my playstyle from tower. I left to go mid which we wound up taking and winning from. I know it doesn't matter what my team mates do or say and I'm responsible here for my behavior no matter what but I don't think I crossed any line, the argument was on all sides of our team and was one of the worst toxic experiences I've had in a while in lol. Is this really punishable? this is the game: > Game 1 In-Game STEG0: nj STEG0: I'm not? STEG0: you're kind of bossy STEG0: not the worst adc i've ever had STEG0: but have control issues STEG0: and when i play adc STEG0: i get some real garbage sups STEG0: dude STEG0: it's going to happen sometimes STEG0: maybe i should leave lane STEG0: since you're being such a baby STEG0: cya don't have time to play with you STEG0: you are insufferable STEG0: learn some people skills STEG0: or keep getting losses STEG0: you certainly have no reason to be spam pinging me like that STEG0: i didn't STEG0: it's a loss STEG0: we can ff at 15 STEG0: adc has issues STEG0: griefing? STEG0: all i did was deal with all your complaining STEG0: while i fed you kills STEG0: ff STEG0: for what? STEG0: yep STEG0: for what? STEG0: ff STEG0: wait STEG0: i'm trolling STEG0: and you tele out when rift? STEG0: you're trolling STEG0: we needed to defend that STEG0: and you go shop lol STEG0: i am playing STEG0: you should play STEG0: just lost bot because of you STEG0: while you complained that i trolled STEG0: do you understand that? STEG0: why are you disrespecting me? STEG0: just because i'm not feeding STEG0: i'm not trolling STEG0: why are you disrespecting me? STEG0: how? STEG0: tell me STEG0: how am i trolling STEG0: ? STEG0: stop feed STEG0: you do it Post-Game STEG0: ggwo STEG0: yo my team was f*** toxic STEG0: very unpleasant STEG0: everyone but the irelia but they didn't type at all STEG0: sounds like both teams were toxic though STEG0: gg
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